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DeZy Cares donates to Dementia Singapore

Sharmini Ravindran

CMO at Dezy
Published on 03.05.2022
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"Lest we forget..."

What is DeZy Cares?

At DeZy we believe that financial freedom means empowering each other. This month we will be donating to Dementia Singapore on behalf of one of our lucky customers.

Want to give back? How do you participate?

Contest Rules

  1. Make a deposit of $200, or more with DeZy between 1st May and 31st May 2022. Learn more about DeZy. 
  2. We will get in touch with the winner on the 1st of June 2022.


  1. We will donate $500 on the behalf of the winner to help support Dementia Singapore in specialised dementia care, caregiver support, training, consultancy, and advocacy.
  2. This lucky person also wins $100, credited directly into their DeZy account.

What is Dementia Singapore?

Dementia Singapore hopes to improve the well-being of people impacted by dementia through care, innovation, advocacy and empowerment. 

They offer a range of caregiver support services such as a dementia helpline, home support team which provides counselling services for caregivers, eldersit services, memories cafe, support groups and a network that understands.

Want to give back more? Dementia Singapore offers a volunteer program where you can feel the impact you’re making directly.

See our past campaigns

  1. DeZy donates to Lions Befrienders to help support senior citizens in isolation.
  2. DeZy cares about YOU! In the season of giving and cheer, we ran a competition where DeZy users stood a chance to win $1000.
  3. Dezy teams up with Limitless to finance therapy for youth dealing with mental health issues.

We are continuing to evolve this program, through our community initiatives. Let us know how we can make an impact in your community by reaching out via Facebook, Discord or emailing us at [email protected] 

What is DeZy?

DeZy is a savings app bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralised finance (a new system of finance made possible by blockchain, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins). 

By cutting out the middlemen, we offer you frictionless, user-friendly access to higher returns.

See how we compare to other financial services available to Singaporeans:

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Together we can work towards a more inclusive financial system. Interested in learning more about DeZy? Check out our FAQs.

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