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DeZy partners with WhyQ to Help You Make More & Give Back

Sharmini Ravindran

CMO at Dezy
Published on 07.10.2021
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We live in a world where we vote with our money.

So at DeZy we asked the question:

“Why should you have to choose between saving and giving, when you could have both?”

DeZy Cares

DeZy is super excited to announce an ongoing charitable initiative — DeZy Cares. Financial freedom means empowering each other.

We hope to evolve this program to give our winners the ability to pick the charity of their choice, both through our community initiatives and direct donations through our app in the future. We all have something we care deeply about. It’s time for some of those feel good vibes.

To kick off this initiative we will be working with WhyQ on their Gift a Meal program.

Contest Rules:

  1. Make a deposit of $200 (our minimum) or more with DeZy between 24th September and 30th September 2021. Learn more about DeZy.
  2. We will get in touch with the winner on the 1st of October.


The winner will be entitled to both of the below.

  1. $100 WhyQ voucher.
  2. Feel your impact.
    We’re going to give 100 meals to frontline workers and those in need, directly from you. And they’ll get a printed message from you to them, with their meals.

What is the Gift a Meal program?

Gift a meal to our heroes to show appreciation and support for their hard work and commitments during this COVID-19 period. WhyQ will be supporting healthcare, migrant workers and old folks homes. 19,000 meals have already been delivered to date!

What is DeZy?

DeZy is a fintech bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralised finance (a new system of finance made possible by blockchain, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins). By cutting out the middlemen, we offer you frictionless, user friendly access to higher returns.

Together we can work towards a more inclusive financial system.

See how we compare:

Some science behind the correlation between generosity and happiness:

Yes we all grew up in that 5 C — car, condo, credit card, country club, cash life. But it’s time to acknowledge the science.

A 2008 study by Harvard Business School professor found that giving money to someone else lifted participants’ happiness more than spending it themselves. Read the report. It doesn’t stop there, a study conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at the University of California echoes similar findings.

A 2006 study by Jorge Moll and colleagues at the National Institutes of Health found that giving to charity activated regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a “warm glow” effect. Scientists also believe that altruistic behaviour releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.”

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

Read more about how generosity impacts your general mood.

Interested in learning more about DeZy? Check out our FAQs.

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