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Dezy launches a rewards program to help you save.

Eric Dadoun

CEO at Dezy
Published on 14.03.2022
Get up to 5.65% a year
on your savings
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"Save money, and earn."

With DeZy, everything you save gets you up to 5.65% a year, with 0 fees and lock-in. We also send you cookies 🍪. Why? Because we think your financial service provider should care about you, more than your money. 

We get it, instant gratification is everything. This is why we're working with you to build better saving habits, and rewarding you for it! 

What is the Dezy Rewards Program?

The Dezy Rewards Program is a fun reward mechanism we are introducing on top of DeZy’s 5.65% yield. Your money keeps yielding and you have a chance to earn even more (and yield it 5.65%).

The icing on the cake? We’ve been tracking these metrics since the first of March. We’ve got your back! 

Dezy Rewards Program Terms and Conditions:

💤 Set, forget and earn

Get rewarded to set, forget and save AND earn. You heard right, park $5,000 (or more) with us and get cash bonuses credited to your Dezy account.


  • You need a minimum balance of $5,000 to participate in this program 
  • Withdrawal of any amount resets the timer to zero. (When you receive your bonus, it will not be retracted).
  • Rewards are locked for 90 days

🥷 Savings Ninja

It takes 30 days to build a habit, they say. At Dezy we think it takes 3 months. Deposit $1,000 monthly and pick up cash bonuses along the way. 


  • A deposit of $1,000 is defined as a nett $1000 increase to your Dezy balance.
  • Missing a month resets the clock back to zero. (When you receive your bonus, it will not be retracted).
  • You can withdraw your rewards after 90 days.

🤝 Dezy Ambassador Program

With Dezy you get to earn while you’re at it. Give $25, Get $25, for each friend who goes Dezy with you. See referral program terms and conditions.

With the Dezy Ambassador Program, you get even more magical internet money! 


  • Refer to our terms and conditions for our referral program: Refer to - for more details on our referral program.
  • You can withdraw your rewards after 90 days.

#LEAKED: What’s up with all these ribbons?

We want to help you squirrel away your savings. In a smarter, faster system. 

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Hit goals, collect badges: Meet the Bad Squirrel Crew.

Here’s a peek of what’s to come.

Also coming: bad uncle squirrel, bad artist squirrel, and more! 

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All bonuses are locked for 90 days.

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