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🍚 What does Cai Fan have to do with saving?

Eric Dadoun

CEO at Dezy
Published on 10.02.2022
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We’ve had the pleasure of planning our upcoming hiring plans as we continue to grow DeZy into a solid savings solution. Stay tuned for details on our hiring plans. In the meantime, let's dive into the culture.

Arguably hiring is easy. Hiring right on the other hand is tricky, and defines who we are as a company and who we want to be for our customers. 

While there are a variety of internal and external values driving us, there are a few macro items that we wanted to share with our existing and future users.

We are here to build a product that our users love using and that makes a tangible difference in their finance journey. We also want to give back and contribute to the community around us.

Does that mean we can’t build a large company or a profitable service? Absolutely not. 

Does that mean giving back is always in the form of monetary gifts? Absolutely not.

It means that as we build and scale, we continue to reward those who help us achieve it and those in our community who can benefit from it.  

If we all win, we literally all win.

What started as an off-the-cuff internal joke has quickly turned into a bit of a rallying call internally. We are and aspire to be like the humble Cai Fan.

For the uninitiated (and we highly recommend you get initiated), Cai Fan is:
Cai fan (economical rice) is a fuss-free lunch option known to many Singaporeans. Affordable, with variety and efficiency.

No, we are not pivoting into F&B. We are however adopting the Cai Fan spirit as part of everything we do. What does this mean?

We are the fintech for everyone.

High income? Low income? Male? Female? Young? Old? We don’t care. Cai Fan is something we can all understand, appreciate, enjoy without judgment and without prerequisites. Cai Fan is for everybody and something we can all agree on. It’s simple, impactful, and inclusive.

What does that mean practically in terms of a fintech service provider?

  • We will not exclude you from improving your financial situation
    • No minimums.
    • No fees.
    • No reasons not to get involved. 
  • We will not belittle you for wanting to learn
    • New technology is intimidating, we’re here to educate.
    • Everyone was once a beginner, we’re happy to help you get started.
  • We will not treat you differently regardless of whether you are a small, large, old or new customer 
    • Opportunity should be accessible to everyone. With us, it will be. 

We are customer centric.

Beyond our Cai Fan thesis, we want to be customer and people-centric. Every company loves to say they are customer-centric, right? 

When we say we want to be customer-centric, we aren’t referring to simply building more features for you to use. We’re referring to changing the benchmark.

What has your service provider meaningfully done for you lately?

Send you an email wishing you a happy holiday?

Gave you a “prize” that is only redeemable if you spend more money than you were gifted within their ecosystem?

These are marketing and customer acquisition loops. They are not customer-centric initiatives. 

If we win it is purely and fundamentally because of you, our customers. When we distribute gifts on holidays we do so because we can and because you enable us to do so. When we donate to charity we do so because it's morally and ethically right. When and if we raise money to continue growing our business, you will be enabled to celebrate with us too.

Why shouldn’t this be the case? Why shouldn’t startups and especially incumbents be held to a higher standard? 
Can we use new technology to create a better world? To change the conversation? To shift the level of expectation amongst service providers?

Maybe. We’ll try. For you and with you.

Hope you’re hungry because we’re cooking.

What is DeZy?

DeZy is a tech stack powered by xSGD. With up to 5.65%, 0 fees, and 0 lock-ins - DeZy helps you (and your friends) beat inflation. 

See how we compare with other savings plans available to Singaporeans:

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