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Security Update: Dezy Audited by Third Party Auditor

Eric Dadoun

CEO at Dezy
Published on 21.04.2022
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At Dezy we are committed to mitigating risk for our customers. We do this through technical and financial risk management means. (P.S: Did you hear? Dezy offers insurance on your full balance and yield. Learn more.)

We are excited to announce that Dezy engaged with a Singapore based audit firm to run a complete security audit of all internal infrastructure used in our service. 

What is a security audit?

For the uninitiated, security audits are processed where audit firms review your code and ensure best practices. 

If you’re interested in learning more, dive deeper into what a security audit is, and how code is audited in our recent article “How do security audits work in DeFi?”.

Dezy recently completed our security audit with Tech Security SG. 

In our continued commitment to the security of funds and your peace of mind, we underwent a third party security audit for both our web and mobile applications.

Who is Tech Security SG?

Tech Security SG offers a range of cybersecurity services within include web, mobile and network penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, IT security audit, source code review. 

Their clients include SGX, RHB, Circles Life, Singapore Police Force, Gov Tech and more.

Outcomes following security audit.

No major issues were found during the security audit with Tech Security SG. We made a variety of incremental improvements to security based on the feedback provided during the audit process. 

All systems have been upgraded to the latest industry best practices. Alongside the improvements made as part of this security audit, we have further compounded overall security via the recent migration of blockchain security to an institutional grade security provider, Copper. Read more about how this integration further secures your funds. 

The safest source of high yield in Singapore

With insurance, our recent copper integration and other risk counter-measures we have implemented such as diversification of your funds across a range of DeFi protocols, we are proud to be the safest source of fiat denominated high yield in Singapore. 

See how we compare to fixed deposits and cash management products. 

How does Dezy work?

As you know, Dezy offers you up to 5.65% with 0 fees and 0 lock in. We do this by offering you risk managed and fully insured exposure to DeFi protocols. 

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See the following chart to understand how your funds are secured with DeZy.

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    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898