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Why are we doing what we’re doing at DeZy?

Eric Dadoun

CEO at Dezy
Published on 04.10.2021
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There are many questions that drive a startup but the fundamental question is “why?”; Why are we building what we’re building? It’s important to all of us at DeZy that we understand the answer to that question along with our customers. We aim to be a transparent business and we want to communicate our “why” to you.

We live in a world with increasingly large wealth gaps and an increasingly limited number of ways for average citizens to achieve financial progress and wealth accumulation. Whether it’s through historically restrictive and exclusive financial products made available only to “accredited investors” or through the recent trend of dramatic reductions in bank interest rates and more recently, negative interest rates, the average citizen is at a disadvantage to close the wealth gap at best and to survive at worst.

This isn’t right and there has to be a better way.

Passive savings services made available by traditional solutions offer only marginal improvements over the near-0% interest rates available via banks. While the recent wave of fintech solutions has made progress towards generally digitizing the legacy financial system and making it accessible, it has regrettably made little to no meaningful progress in offering users a way to truly take a step forward.

With inflation rates in question due to recent COVID turbulence and the unprecedented level of global government spending, savings rates of 1–2% simply won’t cut it either from a survival standpoint or a financial growth standpoint. Solutions like DeZy are not only addressing the ramifications of COVID but rather that a 2% inflation rate is considered “acceptable” in much of the developed world so even in “normal” conditions, the average savings product available to consumers doesn’t allow them to maintain pace.

While the efforts of fintech solutions should be applauded, there is clearly room to improve. High net worth individuals and individuals with the desire or time to conduct research can identify reasonable opportunities but as an industry, we can and should do better for the broader market.

Enter the world of decentralised finance (DeFi); the removal of traditional middlemen to make the best of finance available to consumers.

The issues with DeFi are the same issues that burden most new technologies which is the barrier to entry for the mass market. User interfaces are cumbersome at best and the barrier to entry is relatively high from a technology proficiency standpoint in that users must be comfortable with digital wallets, blockchain transaction IDs, the nuances of stable coins .v. crypto assets, etc. It is a tall mountain to climb for the average user who is either not comfortable or too busy to familiarise themselves with this new industry. Arguably DeFi is in its “dial-up phase” whereby only those who are really passionate about the technology and willing to invest the time to engage have the ability to do so.

By offering up to 5.65% in passive income DeZy allows individuals to make progress towards savings, income growth and wealth accumulation while offering those same users a safe and easy way to enter and start familiarising themselves with this growing space.

We are not here to replace traditional finance or fintech solutions. We want to level the playing field and make financial progress accessible to everyone regardless of their background, technical skills or schedule.

Finance and money can be both confusing and scary. They don’t have to be though.

We’re here to unbundle the barrier to entry.

We’re here to give you better options.

We’re here to make Decentralisation Easy…DeZy!

We’re looking forward to going on this journey with you!

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Decentralised finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations. Learn more about the risks involved.


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    1. Decentralised finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations and not without risk.
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