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Decentralised finance made easy

Dezy combines decentralised finance primitives such as diversified access to protocols, defi native insurance and security measures such as cryptocurrency vaults.

Risk mitigated for safe and stable yield

Funds are diversified and yielding across a range of battle tested and audited protocols.
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All assets deposited into Dezy are covered for smart contract vulnerability risk.
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We secure funds with the use of a combination of on-chain vaults, multi-sig wallets and more.
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What is a decentralised finance protocol?

Decentralised finance eliminates the need for intermediates by allowing people within a network to conduct financial transactions using emerging technology. This removal of an intermediary between lending and borrowing transaction flows mean a larger return for end users.

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What is diversification?

In finance, diversification is the process of allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular risk. 

Dezy mitigates your risk by ensuring an even split of funds across a range of audited and battle-tested protocols. Learn more about how diversification plays a role in how Dezy brings you a stable return.  

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What is Dezy insurance?

Dezy partners with DeFi native insurers such as InsurAce to ensure that all funds are insured against smart contract vulnerabilities. 

Learn more about how Dezy insurance works and how risks are mitigated.

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How are funds secured?

Cryptocurrency and decentralised finance is an emerging field, where there is both experimentation and room for error. This is one of the reasons why security is a core pillar at Dezy. 

Dezy combines both crypto and fintech best practices to safeguard  funds. Learn more.

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Save faster and earn rewards with Dezy

Give $25, Get $25. Refer your friends and earn with Dezy.
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See how building better savings products help you earn up to $250 in Dezy Rewards.
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Learn to Earn
Dive deeper into the rabbit hole and get paid to learn with Dezy.
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    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898
    1. Decentralised finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations and not without risk.
    2. Dezy is not licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
    3. Learn more about how we mitigate risk for consumer protection with insurance, diversification, and technical security measures.
    4. Dezy insurance coverage applies only to certain assets / protocols where insurance is applicable. Learn more about insurance.
    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898