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💰 Earn $250+ in Rewards

Get paid to build strong savings habits with DeZy. much?

See how much you can make on bonuses with DeZy assuming you don’t withdraw over a 6 months period.

💤 Set, Forget & Earn

Deposit $5,000 and start earning bonuses.

Withdrawing sets the timer back to zero.

See terms and conditions.

🥷 Savings Ninja

Build strong savings habits, and earn.

Deposit $1,000 monthly and pick up cash bonuses along the way.

See terms and conditions.

🤝 Referral Program

Give $25, Get $25 -

The icing on the cake?
You get 5% of your friends' returns
as they continue to save!

See terms and conditions.

🏆 Ambassador Program

Become a DeZy ambassador.

The more people you refer,
the more bonuses we’ve got coming your way.

Friends help friends beat inflation.

See terms and conditions.

🐿️ Bad Squirrel Crew

Squirrel away your savings and 
receive collectibles.
Get $15 to try before you buy!
Complete registration
and we’ll credit your 
DeZy account.

Get paid to start saving more!
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DeZy Rewards FAQs

What is the DeZy Rewards Program?

Will I lose my money if I participate in the DeZy Rewards Program?

Who can I refer?

So I’ve referred someone, what’s next?

So I’ve been referred by a DeZy account holder. What’s next?

Risk Mitigated for Consumer Protection

We optimise towards risk mitigated and stable yield at DeZy. Here’s how.

Terms & Conditions

General T&Cs

Set, Forget & Earn T&Cs

Savings Ninja T&Cs

Referral Program T&Cs

Ambassador Program T&Cs

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    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898
    1. Decentralised finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations and not without risk.
    2. DeZy is not licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
    3. Learn more about how we mitigate risk for consumer protection with insurance, diversification, and technical security measures.
    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898