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🍪 How does this cookie crumble?

Eric Dadoun

CEO at Dezy
Published on 10.03.2022
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"What's with this food obsession?"

Did you hear the news? We raised a pre-series A round from mavericks across both decentralised and traditional finance in South East Asia. 

And we want to celebrate with you. 


We took a snapshot towards the end of February of our verified users. All of you are getting some Nasty Cookies! 

From us to you. 

Watch your mailbox between the 10th and 15th of March. See below for ingredients and allergy notes.

And it doesn’t stop here! We’re giving away 💰

Take a picture, win $500.

Post a picture or video that makes us laugh on Facebook or Instagram.

Points for the most giggles. Tag us on Facebook @DeZyFinance or Instagram @dezyfinance
Use the hashtags: #Dezy #makeyourmoneydance

One lucky winner will get $500 credited into their Dezy account on the 16th of March. 

Why? Because we are DeZy. Together

We are committed to building a product of the people, for the people. 

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Before you go too nuts…

1. Which Nasty Cookies contain nuts?

For allergy concerns, we'd recommend excluding the following cookies that contain nuts:
A) Choco Bueno (Hazelnuts)

B) Chocolate Chip (Hazelnuts)

C) White Chocolate Macadamia (Macadamia nuts)

However do note that all nasty cookie products are produced and processed in the same facility, therefore there may be traces of nuts.

Ingredients for each cookie are shown on Nasty Cookie’s website at

2. Is Nasty Cookie halal certified?

We are not halal-certified, but our products do not contain any pork, lard, alcohol or pork gelatin.

3. Is Nasty Cookie vegetarian-friendly?

All our cookies are vegetarian friendly except for OH! Smores cookie as it contains 100% halal beef gelatin.

4. Do Nasty Cookies contain any added preservatives?

No, we do not add preservatives into our cookies. All our cookies are as fresh as you can get!

What is DeZy?

Dezy is a fintech bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralised finance (a new system of finance made possible by blockchain, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins). 

By cutting out the middlemen, we offer you frictionless, user-friendly access to higher returns.

See how we compare to other financial services available to Singaporeans:

Together we can work towards a more inclusive financial system. Interested in learning more about DeZy? Check out our FAQs.

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Decentralized finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations. Learn more about the risks involved.


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    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898