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Learn to Earn with Dezy

There are many ways to earn rewards at Dezy. 

With Learn to Earn, you do exactly that. 

Get rewards for completing quizzes and increase your Dezy deposit limit along the way.

How does Learn to Earn work?

You can dive into different topics of interest in the Learn to Earn module in Dezy. Once you go through the topic cards, you will have to complete a quiz to earn rewards.

Each of the quizzes you complete also increase your deposit limits so you can save more with Dezy.

What kind of things will I learn?

You will first begin by diving into the various components of decentralised finance that Dezy bundles together for an easy experience for you. Dive deeper into how insurance works at Dezy, what security measures we are taking to protect funds.

Topics you can begin diving into: 

  • How does Dezy work? 
  • How does Dezy insurance work? 
  • How does security work at Dezy?
  • And much more…

Why Learn to Earn?

Dezy is committed to providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your finances. Learn to Earn incentivises you with rewards to understand how Dezy works, and the core primitives we have built into our service.

Save faster and earn rewards with Dezy

Give $25, Get $25. Refer your friends and earn with Dezy.
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See how building better savings products help you earn up to $250 in Dezy Rewards.
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Learn to Earn
Dive deeper into the rabbit hole and get paid to learn with Dezy.
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Terms and Conditions

Learn to Earn T&Cs

Beat your savings account with Dezy

Dezy reimagines finance for a world where your fixed deposit rate or savings rates are not helping you beat inflation. 

Dezy offers a higher rate of return by providing you with safe and secure access to decentralised finance yields. Funds are diversified across a range of audited and battle tested protocols and wrapped in defi native insurance. Learn more about how we diversify, insure and secure funds.

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    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898
    1. Decentralised finance is an emerging field with fluid regulations and not without risk.
    2. Dezy is not licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
    3. Learn more about how we mitigate risk for consumer protection with insurance, diversification, and technical security measures.
    4. Dezy insurance coverage applies only to certain assets / protocols where insurance is applicable. Learn more about insurance.
    Dezy Pte Ltd UEN: 202116623N, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898