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User Protection Guidance 

As a part of our consumer protection measures, we would like to inform our Users on the best practices that should be adopted to protect their accounts. 

The recommended steps to adopt are as follows:

  • Provide complete and accurate contact details, and ensure they are updated regularly.
  • Option to receive all transactions notifications for all transactions that were made.
  • Monitor all transactions, as well as notifications that are sent.
  • Be responsible and practise good security hygiene by changing your password periodically. Be mindful not to share your password with anyone.
  • For password security, change your password periodically. Use strong passwords with a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols.
  • Maintain your device’s browser to the latest version whenever available, together with regular security updates.
  • Check that your transaction instructions and details are correct before executing any transactions.
  • Report any unauthorised transactions, and provide the relevant information to Dezy.

What should you avoid:

  • Disclose your credentials including password, User ID, or One Time Password (OTP) to any third party, to initiate or conduct transactions via your account.
  • Reveal your password, User ID, or One Time Password (OTP) recognisably on any account or authentication device.
  • Maintain a record of any password and User ID in a way that allows any third party to misuse them easily.

How does Dezy protect the Users’ accounts? 
Dezy protects Users’ accounts by implementing the following:

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) increases account security by requiring an additional form of authentication. 

Protected, Encrypted Pages

Dezy’s URL page is protected by a digital certificate and the connection between your web browser and our website is encrypted.

Secure Digital Assets Storage

All users are required to pass the Customer Due Diligence process. We are committed to detect and deter suspicious activity, prevent money laundering, financing of terrorism and fraud.

Multi-layered Security Architecture

Dezy’s website deploys multiple security controls to prevent cybersecurity risks at various levels.

What should I do if I encounter an unauthorised transaction? 

Account holders or Users should report any unauthorised transactions to Dezy as soon as practicable

Report unauthorised transactions in any communications channel as stipulated by Dezy. The report can be done via private message to Dezy via Discord, or via e-mail at [email protected]

Should you become a victim of an unauthorised transaction, please inform Dezy immediately.


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